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A London-Based Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Bartosz Branka. It’s a Pleasure to Meet You.

Wedding Photographer Bartosz Branka

I’m a London-based wedding photographer specialising in documentary wedding photography.

I’ve been living in London for some time now. I love the city and I like to think I know it in and out, but it keeps surprising me almost every day.

And so does every wedding that I’m hired for.

You see, I’ve been a wedding photographer for few years now. I love my job and it’s my true passion.

Over all those years I photographed several dozens of weddings, met thousands of people, and took tens of thousands of pictures.

And all those weddings that I was hired for, taught me one thing.

Every wedding is unique.

Every couple has a unique story they want to tell.

And everyone’s wedding is THEIR most important day.

My role, as a wedding photographer, is to use my skills to help you seize that day.

I document your big day in pictures. Pictures that let you relive the event and emotions anytime you sit down to look at them.

Even though I’ve been a wedding photographer for a long time now, I still remember the very first wedding day I was hired for.

I remember the emotions. The joy and happiness that I was hired to capture.

On that day, I knew that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

There’s nothing that brings me joy more than knowing that the stories that I capture on your big day will stay with you forever.


I Want to Be Your Wedding Photographer…

But, most importantly… I want to be your teammate. I’m there for you on your most important day.

To me, being a photographer on your wedding day is an honour.

It takes a huge amount of trust to let somebody create memories of their wedding.
Memories that you’ll be coming back to.

That’s also why, on that day, I want to help you be your best self. Your true self.
I know that weddings can be stressful – I’ve been to Several of them!

On top of capturing everything around me, I’ll be there to give you support and help you stay calm and relaxed.

I want you to enjoy the moment.
Then, I’ll use all my skills to freeze that moment in time.

I’ll create photos that will help you relive those happy emotions for years to come.


What’s It Like to Work with Me?

Here are the four pillars of my photography craft.

You’ll Know Exactly What to Expect

I value your time just as I value mine. I want you to know exactly what to expect from day one. When we discuss your wedding, we’ll agree to all the key details upfront so that we’re all on the same page.

You’ll Get My Full Attention

My schedule is busy and I can’t agree to work with all couples that reach out to me. But, when I do agree to work with somebody, I always give them 110%. When working with me, you can be sure I’ll use all my skills and knowledge to produce the best wedding photos possible.

You’ll See Me When You Need Me

I’ve been to dozens of weddings and know when to take the lead and when to hide in the shadows. To capture authentic scenes from your wedding, I often stay invisible. That way you don’t even remember I’m taking the pictures and can be your natural self in every one of them.

You’ll Be Able to Relive Your Day As It Happened

My work doesn’t end after the wedding. Once the ceremony is finished and I get back home, I get to work on the photos themselves. That’s when I carefully pick the absolute best photos. That way, you can get a photo album filled with authentic memories of your most beautiful day.

Hire a Documentary Wedding London Photographer

I’m here to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments and make sure they stay with you for the rest of your life.

It’s time we talked about your wedding.

E-mail: info@diamondweddingphotography.co.uk

Phone: +447727615118

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