Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to common questions and find out what it is like to work with me.

How can we book a session?

The fastest way to book me is to call the phone number provided on the contact page. You can also use the contact form to shoot me a message – whichever is more convenient for you.

What’s the cost of hiring you for a destination wedding session?
The cost is usually higher compared to that of my documentary wedding photography service. The added costs include things like additional time commitment, accommodation or travel expenses to and from the destination.
How much time after the wedding will we get the photos?
This depends on the service. However, for weddings, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to go through and process all the photos.
How many photographs will we receive?
The number of photographs depends on the type of session that you book and the duration of the engagement. If you want to agree on the details, don’t hesitate to reach out.
How far in advance should we make a booking?

If you’re looking for a wedding session, it’s best to reach out at least six to twelve months before the wedding. That time may get even longer if you’re looking to get married in the summer.

This doesn’t always apply to bridal or engagement sessions (although it’s a good idea to have them close to your wedding).

How will we receive our photographs?
Once the photographs are ready, I’ll email you a link to a photo gallery. All photos are delivered online only.

This doesn’t always apply to bridal or engagement sessions (although it’s a good idea to have them close to your wedding).

Do you have anything against guests taking photos?
Not at all. They’re your guests, and they’re free to do whatever you let them do.
Do you edit the photos?
Yes, I do some processing work on the photos. However, I don’t retouch them, not to destroy their documentary character.
Do you carry backup equipment?
Yes, I always have backup equipment with me to switch in case of technical difficulties. It doesn’t matter if it’s a session in a studio, your wedding shot in London, or a tropical destination.
Do you have insurance on your equipment?
Yes, all my equipment is insured. Should any accident happen, neither you nor any of your guests will be held liable.